Most Popular Baby Names of 2013

As we get ready to welcome in the New Year -of course we have to get through the Christmas and Thanksgiving season first- we take a look back at some of the most popular baby names of 2013. Although the year saw plenty of strange baby names and the comeback of some older, more traditional names -Carol, Laura, John, etc- it also saw some new ones gain popularity. So take a break from your routine and see if the name of your child, your own name, or the name of a loved one appears on our list! Feel free to steal the names if you are planning a pregnancy!

Girls Names:

1. Sophia
2. Emma
3. Olivia
4. Isabella
5. Mia
6. Ava
7. Lily
8. Zoe
9. Emily
10. Chloe

Boy’s Names
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1. Jackson
2. Aiden
3. Liam
4. Lucas
5. Noah
6. Mason
7. Jaden
8. Ethan
9. Jacob
10. Jack

Unusual Celebrity Baby Names

Although weird and unique names have existed for centuries, the trend really didn’t pick up until celebrities decided that the names of their children should match the bizarre personalities of their parents. While we suspect that the names given to celeb children is probably just a clever way of drawing attention, it does make us feel bad for the children! I mean after all, would you really want to introduce yourself to your classmates with some of the names celebrities dream up? When you take a look at our list of the most unusual baby names out there, you will probably gain a whole new respect for your own name!

1. North West

Kim and Kanye must really love that airline service since they named their child after it. Or perhaps they just really enjoy some of the vacation spots in that area. Honestly, it is probably just a ploy to garner as much attention possible and stay current! We all know how much Kim and Kanye love that limelight!

2. Memphis Eve

Although this sounds like the title of a song, we can assure you that it is also the name of Bono’s child. Always one to think outside of the box it is really no surprise that he came up with an unusual name for his child.

3. Sage Moonblood

At first, we thought that was the name of a plant used in Wiccan practices, the name of a poem or some kind of joke but it’s not. Sage Moonblood really is the name of Sylvester Stallone’s son. What a terrible name for such a handsome guy! At least he can just go by Sage.

4. Fifi Trixibelle

While this is an acceptable name for a designer dog, we do not think it is a suitable name for a child. Bob Geldof and Paula Yates however thought it was the perfect name for their baby girl. We strongly disagree!

5. Pilot Inspektor

No, this is not the correct term for the people who harass you at the airports nor is it the name of the person who checks everything out on the planes including the pilot. This is the name of Jason Lee’s child. Yikes!

Popular Boy Names and Their Meaning

With all of the popular boy names available out there, it can be overwhelming and difficult to pick the perfect one for your bouncing baby boy. One thing that can make it easier when narrowing down your name prospects is considering the meaning behind them. Take a look at the list we have compiled of five of the most popular boy names and the meaning behind them! It might make naming your baby boy a little easier!


1. Jackson- “Son of Jack”
This name is Hebrew in origin. The name Jackson goes back several generations when people were referred to by the name of their father. After the invention of last names, many of these names lost popularity.

2. Aiden- “Fiery”
Aiden is Irish in origin so it is no surprise that a popular Irish name also translates into fiery!

3. Liam- “Unwavering Protector”
Liam is another Irish name and in our opinion, it is perfect for children who are going to be big brothers!

4. Lucas- “Bringer of Light”
This name is Latin in origin and has an absolutely beautiful meaning!

5. Noah- “Rest, Comfort”
Noah is Hebrew in origin. According to the Bible, Noah offered rest and protection for animals by allowing them onto his ark and taking them to safety. The name reflects the same idea.

Popular Girl Names and Their Meanings

You have probably always wondered what your name means or maybe you want to pick a name that fits the personality of your baby girl. Although you may think that your name has no meaning, background, or interesting origin, most do! Even common names like “Nicole” can trace their origins back for generations and have significant meanings. As the years turned into centuries, people started picking names because they liked the way it sounded or because the name “fit” their child rather than picking something that had a meaning that was relevant to the child. So if you are planning on having a baby girl, take a look at these popular names and their meanings. Hopefully one resonates with you!


1. Sophie- “Wisdom”

Sophie is Greek in origin and in 2012, it became the most popular name in the United States. Although it only held the spot for a year, it is still a beautiful name!

2. Emma- “Universal”

Emma is German in origin and is the perfect name for a child who is going to be exposed to the world (since the name means universal!). In 2004, it was one of the most popular baby names and is currently the most popular baby girl name of 2013.

3.  Olivia- “Olive Tree”

Olivia is a beautiful Greek name that means “olive tree”. Although you might feel a little skeptical naming your child after a tree, think of this way: olive trees represent peace and grace!

4.  Isabella- “God is my vow”

Isabella is a Hebrew name that gained popularity with the release of the Twilight series. Fans from all over- and of all ages- fell in love with Bella’s character and name making it one of the most popular names of 2013.

5. Mia- “Mine”

Mia is Latin in origin and is also one of the most popular names of 2013 and for good reason: it is absolutely beautiful!

What’s In A Name?

When it comes to naming your child, some people (especially celebrities), think it is perfectly acceptable to name their child the first thing that comes to mind. A lot of times, these names are bizarre to say the very least and although there probably is not any other child out there named “Pilot Inspektor” or “North West”, setting your child’s name apart from the rest is not always a good thing.

While “eccentric” is certainly in these days, keep in mind that children (especially teenagers) can be cruel and will make fun of each other over the smallest things as they grow older. Teens are always looking for ways to bully each other and having an unusual name is just extra fuel for the fire. So while you might think that the name is “cool” and “trendy”, your child’s classmates may not and decide that it is perfectly acceptable to belittle your little angel because he or she has a strange name.

Obviously, this can be detrimental to your child. So, when trying to pick a name for your child, keep in mind what his or her peers might say at a later age!

So, how do you give your child an original name that will not cause him or her lots of bullying? Lots of sites online publish the most popular and least popular names of the current year. You can pick names from here that are not as common, which sets your child apart from the rest without drawing negative attention or giving ruthless peers something to use in their bully arsenal.

Also, keep initials in mind. Amanda Sandra Smith might sound absolutely adorable, but keep in mind what the initials spell out. Definitely NOT a good way to start your child’s high school years!

Keep in mind how the first name and last name sound together. Mike Hunt is definitely not going to garner a lot of positive attention for your child, so practice saying the name aloud. Also, think of any embarrassing nicknames that might arise because of a person’s name. For example, Richards are often called Dick. Although this was acceptable 20 years ago, kids these days will probably have a good laugh at the expense of your child. So if Uncle Richard keeps insisting that you name your child after him, kindly explain this! After all, school can be difficult enough; you do not need to make it any harder on your child!

Where Do Names Come From?

Although you might know the meaning behind your name and where it originates from, you might not know how that name came into existence. Below, we have provided a list of where some of the most common names come from:

1. Cities- People were often named after the city/town/area that they came from.

2. Father’s name- People named “Jackson” or “Tyson” were originally called Son of Jack or Son of Ty. You were often referred to as the son of your father. Eventually, the names were shortened and most changed into last names.

3. The Bible- A lot of names come from the Bible and is one of the most popular go-to sources when it comes to naming children.

4. Variations of a name- People seeking originally took names that were common, i.e. Carol, and added to it turning it into something different: Carolyn.

5. Gods/Goddesses- It was not unusual to come across children named after the Greek gods/goddesses or deities from other religions.

6. Brand Names- Dolce, Armani, and even Lexi are all brand names that people decided would make good names.

7. Actors/Actresses/Authors/Famous People- Fans have been stealing celebrity names for generations. Remember the popular film Twilight? Yeah, well so do all of the Bellas.

Alternatives to Celebrity Boy Names

Celebrities really do come up with all of the best names and unless you want to be accused of copying them, you are stuck picking something else that sounds completely different. However, there are alternatives to some of your favorite celebrity baby boy names so take a look at our list! We are sure that you will find something that you love.


1. Aleph (Parents: Natalie Portman and Benjamin Milepied
Alekh, Alpha, Caliph

2. Axl (Parents: Fergie and Josh Duhamel)
Axel, Jax, Maxwell

3. Camden (Parents: Vanessa and Nick Lachey)
Bowden, Cameron, Cambridge

4. Finn (Parents: Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott)
Fallon, Findley, Flynn

5. Johan (Parents: Heidi Klum and Seal)
Rohan, Cohen, Athan

Alternatives to Celebrity Girl Names

Celebrities come up with some of the prettiest -and most bizarre- names out there! While you might be head over heels in love with some of these names, you may not want to be labeled a copycat for the rest of your life or have your friends think you are just hopping on a bandwagon. Luckily, there are alternatives to some of these unique names!


1. Agnes (parents: Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany)
Agatha, Augustina, Anya, Annis

2. Ava (parents: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe)
Avalene, Avalon, Avanna, Avery

3. Carmen (parents: Alec and Hilaria Baldwin)
Cadence, Camryn, Clara

4. Emme (parents: Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony)
Emerson, Emmery, Esme, Emily

5. Gia (parents: Matt Damon and Luciana Bozan Barroso)
Giada, Giana, Mia

Picking a Baby Name

When it comes to picking a name for your bundle of joy, it can be one of the hardest things -next to labor of course!- that you will go through. Even if you have a set name in mind, chances are you may rethink it when you see the shining face of your baby. We cannot tell you how many parents this happens to! So, how do you choose the right name for your baby? We have provided a short guideline that will help you pick the right name quickly and without stress!

Where to begin

Start by discussing name options with your partner as soon as possible.  Both of you should have a list of your favorite names and should set guidelines -such as no unusual names, nothing too frilly, etc-. You should also take into consideration how the initials will look spelled out and any possible nicknames to avoid embarrassing both you and your child. Keep your relatives in mind as well; if some have been aching for your child to have a specific name, take it into consideration!


Once you have gone through the basics, consider how the name sounds when said aloud and its meaning. You can find several references (including this page!) that explain both the meaning and the origin of the name. Remember that you, your relatives, and others will be saying your child’s name out loud frequently so you want something that none of you will get tired of hearing!

Most Popular Celebrity Names

Everybody has their favorite celebrity who they absolutely adore and cannot get enough of! Remember when you were 7, playing with Barbies and naming them after your favorite singer or actress? Well, even though most of us have grown up, we still have not let go of our fascination with all things celebrities and in a lot of cases, we name our children after our favorites. So, what are the most popular celebrity names? Take a look at the list and see if your celeb name made the list!


1. Ethan (Ethan Hawke)

2. Elijah (Elijah Wood)

3. William (Price William)

4. Jude (Jude Law)

5. Seth (Seth Green)


1. Scarlet (Scarlet Johansson)

2. Emma (Emma Stone)

3. Isla (Isla Fisher)

4. Evangeline (Evangeline Lily)

5. Victoria (Victoria Beckham)